Drain cleaning has always been a service we are proud to offer at Backlund Pluming. Through the years we have gained the knowledge of simple drain clears to maintenance agreements cleaning entire neighborhoods, HOA’s and large industrial complexes. Drain cleaning is only verified with camera inspections and we have it all.

From sewer robots and push cameras, we have the ability to locate any size diameter line from 4 inch to 60 inch. Our drain cleaning and camera services are used by residential customers, neighborhoods and even cities in our metro area. Our fleet of pump trucks and hydro excavators and clean and maintain commercial properties and neighborhoods. Grease traps, septics and lift stations are all part of our Drain Cleaning division at Backlund Plumbing.

We also partner with our Sister Company ZOOM DRAIN of Omaha. ZOOM DRAIN has the ability to cable, camera, and water jet any drain line. The trucks are designed to have all available machines and water jetting on board one truck.

To schedule service or to learn more about our ZOOM DRAIN company please click here.